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Power Flushing Service in London
Fernox Powerflow Flushing Machine Power Flushing removes sludge, lime scale and corrosion deposits by cleansing your central heating system with fresh water flow at a high velocity but at a low pressure.



MJC also offers the option of a powerful cleansing and mobilising agent to improve the cleansing process even further.



The Benefits Are:

Prevents excessive noise, increases efficiency and protects against future damage – including possible boiler failure.
It’s hassle-free, there’s no mess and, at the end, your system is left with fresh clean water.

Quantity Price (plus VAT)
Up to 3 radiators £225
4 – 7 radiators £395
8 – 11 radiators £495
12 – 15 radiators £650
Power Flushing Service: Fernox Chemicals



MagnaClean Professional 2We would recommend installing a MagnaClean magnetic inline sludge preventer once the heating system has been power flushed to protect your central heating system from future sludge build up and allows the heating to be chemically dosed.

The MagnaClean is a fantastic product as it is so simple. It’s basically a cup with a powerful magnet and isolation valves that allow us to clean the magnets and chemically dose the whole heating system within 10 minutes.

Once we power flush the system we add an inhibitor to prevent future sludge build up.
Over the course of the year the inhibitor will become more diluted and less affective. Manufacturers require the heating system to be chemically dosed each year to keep warranty’s valid.
MagnaClean ticks all the boxes, giving long lasting protection and comes with a 25 Year Guarantee.

Special Offer: When having a power flush, we will supply and install a MagnaClean for £225.00 plus VAT

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