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Bespoke Boiler Maintenance Service in London

Boiler Repairs and Servicing:


Here at MJC our belief is
‘prevention is better than a cure’.
It’s far more likely that any minor faults will be picked up before they turn in to a major problem.

MJC heating engineers offer cost effective advice and ensure that your boiler is always running at its most efficient setting and optimum performance.





Boiler Service

Boiler Maintenance Service in LondonWe offer a basic visual check to a full Inspection where our MJC engineer will strip the boiler and check all heating components internal and external including central heating pump, motorised valves, programmers, room and cylinder stats, and also carry out a compressive check of the property’s plumbing; Ensuring that your central heating is running on its most efficient level and in premium condition.

Our Rates Price (plus VAT) Description
General Boiler Service £89.00 This Service gives the appliance a general inspection and clean out.
It is recommended for boilers less than 5 years old or boilers
with a full service history and has been serviced within the last 18 months.
Full Boiler Service £169.00 The boiler is given a full service checking the Burners; Fan; Controls;
Thermocouple; Pump and Heat Exchanger. This Service is recommended
for all boilers over 5 years old and without Service History. Once this service has
been carried out the next service due will only need to be a General Boiler Service.
General Homebuyer’s Report £135.00 When buying a new property the heating system and gas appliances is something
that most people overlook! A general Homebuyer Report will give you a Gas Safety Check,
information on your boiler and heating system, and the location of your stop cock
and gas meter. Please note that this is a visual report.
Full Homebuyer’s Report £295.00 This Service is a full report on the boiler, the whole heating system and
gas appliances, listing any maintenance work that may be needed.

Boilers We Work On



As of 1st January 2013 Gas Safe brought into force the final stage of its flues in voids policy. It is now mandatory for all flues in voids to have an inspection hatch that should measure 300mmx300mm within 1.5m of each joint.

It is essential to check flues every year; as the flues get older rubbers perish and with moment in building, all these things could contrite to wear on the flue joints.

We would also recommend that CO2 alarms be fitted. In addition this would ensure optimum safety for you and your family.

MJC engineers recommend and ensure your boiler and flues are serviced at regular yearly intervals. There’s a tendency to leave boilers until they develop a fault before we call an engineer out but as our MJC saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Special Offer: Supply and install metal fire rated flue hatch to comply with building regulations, £165.00 plus VAT


CO2 Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide is very hard to detect due to it not having any odour, colour or taste. It is caused by the gas from your gas appliances (also wood, coal, oil) not burning at the correct mixture with oxygen.

The most common symptoms are:

  • dizziness and nausea
  • vomiting
  • tiredness & confusion
  • stomach pain
  • shortness of breath and difficultly breathing
Honeywell Co2 AlarmIf you suspect that you have any kind of carbon monoxide poisoning you must seek medical advice immediately.

Remember that children and pets will be at higher risk due to them having smaller organs

It is very important to protect yourself and your family.

This can be done in a number of simple ways, the easiest being by installing CO2 alarms. We would recommend a minimum having an audible and visual alarm.

MJC Plumbing work closely with the Anthony Nolan trust and offer a special price to carry out a carbon monoxide test on your home using the latest carbon monoxide analysers and we will fit a Honeywell C02 alarm for £129 plus VAT.


For more advice on carbon monoxide you can visit this NHS page

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