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Homebuyers Reports - MJC Plumbing

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Landlords Gas Safety Certificate – £85.00 
for the first 2 appliances (excluding gas fires and back-boilers). 
Thereafter there is a charge of £24.00 for extra appliances including gas fires and back-boilers.
This safety check is a legal requirement that a landlord has to have in order to rent out their property. It involves checking the safety features of all the gas appliances within the property and does not include any repair work.

General Boiler Service- £89.00
 This Service gives the appliance a general inspection and clean out. It is recommended for boilers less than 5 years old or boilers with a full service history and has been serviced within the last 18 months.

Full Boiler Service- £169.00 The boiler is given a full service checking the Burners; Fan; Controls; Thermocouple; Pump and Heat Exchanger. This Service is recommended for all boilers over 5 years old and without Service History. Once this service has been carried out the next service due will only need to be a General Boiler Service.

General Homebuyers Report- £135.00 
When buying a new property the heating system and gas appliances is something that most people overlook! A general Homebuyer Report will give you a Gas Safety Check, information on your boiler and heating system, and the location of your stop cock and gas meter. Please note that this is a visual report

Full Homebuyers Report- £295.00 
This Service is a full report on the boiler, the whole heating system and gas appliances listing any maintenance work that may be needed.

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